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Tools » Chemicals / Mediums - Crackle » Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood
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Can be used on wood, ceramic bisque, plaster, paper mache, plastic, cardboard or any surface that will hold acrylic paint to make an aged or distressed wood appearance. Basecoat piece with a sponge or brush and let dry. Brush one even coat of Weathered Wood over the basecoat and allow to dry (20 minutes to 1 hour). Control the look of the crackle and the direction in which it runs simply by applying the medium in a horizontal or vertical fashion. Apply a topcoat of contrasting color paint by dabbing with a sponge or with a brush and brush in one direction only. Missed areas should be brushed over immediately. Let dry and seal the entire piece with a spray or brush-on sealer. Once the crackling process is completed and has dried, Weathered Wood will not reactivate. The finish will not lift off after it is sealed. The dry cracked surface can be antiqued, shaded or painted before sealing as well.
Size: 8 oz. Bottle
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