Books » Watercolour Landscapes
Books » Watercolour Landscapes

Watercolour Landscapes
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Celebrated artist Grahame Booth condenses his years of art education and experience into one handy guide. In this beautiful book essential watercolor painting techniques are clearly explained to give you a firm foundation to build your skills upon. Move your way through the book using the exercises and paintings within. Each project will teach you new technqiues in order to achieve specific types of landscapes, foliage, lighting, and more. Learn interesting techniques and expert tips in how to achieve the perfect wash, creating depth, and timing layers. You'll learn how the paint changes its behavior according to how wet it is, and how to control this change in order to achieve the results you want. After working through the exercises you'll find that you've built up an arsenal of watercolor painting skills that you can apply to any project you want! Watercolor. 96 color pages.
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