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Books » Watercolor Botanicals

Watercolor Botanicals
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This gorgeous watercolor book is a handy 2-in-1 product. Half of it is instructional and and the other half consists of pull-out watercolor paper that has printed outlines of botanical designs. Step-by-step instructions for each design can be found in the first half of the book. Instructions are accompanied by beautiful photography so that you can get clear visual guidance. All of these components add up to a book that has everything you need to get started on botanical watercolor artwork, even if you don't have plants to paint from life. This book is designed to soothe the reader and provide an immensely relaxing experience. Your finished paintings can be easily removed and are just the right size for 8" x 10" frames. By the time you've worked through this book you'll have created your own gorgeous art gallery of botanical watercolor paintings and mastered the techniques used to make them. Watercolor. 158 pages.
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