Books » The Art of Brush Lettering
Books » The Art of Brush Lettering

The Art of Brush Lettering
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Instagram brush lettering artist Kelly Klapstein (@kellycreates) takes a simple, serene approach to teaching the art of creating beautiful letter forms with easy-to-use and richly colored brush pens. Kelly begins by guiding you through the tools you’ll be using, and the best ways to position pen, hand, and paper.

She goes on to demonstrate a range of basic strokes along with drill sheets for practice and improvement. In addition to providing detailed instructions and tracing guides for both lowercase and uppercase alphabets, Kelly gives tutorials on freestyle lettering, faux calligraphy, and special effects. Also included are lowercase and uppercase A to Z exemplars for both large and small brush pens.

Drill sheets, tracing guides, worksheets, and exemplars also come included at the back of the book, so you'll never have to look too far to find the best examples to practice from.Calligraphy, 160 color pages.
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