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Script Liner Brushes
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Use script liners to create long scrolling lines, straight lines or stroke work. As you vary your pressure, the lines will increase or decrease in thickness.

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By Kathleen Thomas on November 30, 2018
Love these brushes. My friend told me about them and they have become my favorites.
Especially the script liners and all the combs. People underestimate the combs. When I teach classes students always want more comb brushes when they learn how to use them. I have to admit I stock pile these brushes just in case they are ever discontinued. Got to go doing a order!!! Lol
By Bob Crudele on June 18, 2018
I have been purchasing these brushes for many years now from Artist Club and they are very good quality for the money. If you keep them clean after use they will last for quite a long time. For the money, I have found none better.