Books » Paint Pouring: Mastering Fluid Art
Books » Paint Pouring: Mastering Fluid Art

Paint Pouring: Mastering Fluid Art
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A comprehensive guide to the art of paint pouring. The majority of the book is aimed at artists who have dabbled in paint pouring, but this book is still highly accessible to beginners. Author Rick Cheadle begins by giving a basic overview with step by step photos of supplies and methods for paint pouring that are popular and well-known, such as "dirty pour" and "flip cup". From there, more advanced techniques are explained such as marbling, air-blowing, spinning, and even hammering. Many examples are given for just how far you can take paint pouring. You'll quickly find that with paint pouring, the possibilities are endless! Go beyond the basics and learn how to apply your skills to decorate a light box, a clock, and even jewelry. Paint pouring, 87 pgs.
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