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Maxine Thomas Mops & Foamie Brushes
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Maxine's mop brushes are absolutely the best because they're made of natural hair so it cleans up ever so easily and is the exact tension you need. Because it's white you can tell if you have just used it for a shade and can clean it before you go into your highlight. It's also flatter than most mops so you can see where it's hitting the surface. It comes in 5 sizes and is relatively inexpensive, so you can have several, which helps when painting for extended periods of time. "Last, but not least, it has a purple handle . . . that means its magic", says Maxine. Maxine suggests using her 3/4" foamie when you want to make the edges of a wood piece a different color than the rest of the piece, or paint to inside edges of a cutout.