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Keep Painting
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Every watercolorist needs a creative kick in the pants now and then--to keep seeking inspiration when feeling uninspired, to keep going when a painting has stalled, to keep trying when a technique isn't easy to master...sometimes just to keep painting, period.

When your artistic well has run dry, you must replenish it. Whether you have spent decades painting in watercolor or are just beginning, the tips and secrets shared by best-selling author and artist Gordon MacKenzie provide the perfect guide when the going gets tough. Get excited about watercolor again as he shows you how to:
  • Find better approaches to a tired composition
  • Engage viewers more fully with color, value and well-placed "wee people"
  • Reinvent a scene that outshines your reference photographs
  • Dramatize a landscape by focusing on the weather
  • Nurture your own growth by sharing what you know with others
Watercolor, 144 color pages.
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