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In Bloom
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This beautiful book takes you around the world one flower at a time. There are many gorgeous and interesting flowers that you will learn how to draw, such as African Violets, a Bird of Paradise, and a Stargazer Lily. Learn quick and helpful tips on how to draw each flower in just a few simple steps! Many different types of flowers may look very complex to draw at a glance, but this book shows you how you can simplify each one so that drawing becomes a breeze. Even notoriously tricky flowers like roses are broken down to basic shapes so that anyone can learn how to draw them. Apply what you've learned so that you can draw on the fly, without even having to look at a flower! Author Rachel Reinert makes the process simple by clearly illustrating each step she takes to construct a flower. She also takes the time to briefly explain the significance of each flower to where it was cultivated. Drawing, 144 pgs.
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