About Us

Our Start

In 1990, Bob Petkun left the corporate world of big business and engineering to start out on his own. He saw an opportunity in tole painting, and quickly established his newly acquired company, Tole Americana (later renamed the Crafts Americana Group publishing under the Artist’s Club title) to sell paint, surfaces, and brushes supply directly to painters.

In 2010, Bob passed the company to his son Matt Petkun. With Matt’s direction the Artist’s Club is run by a small team of artists and merchandisers who have a combined total of over 30 years in the tole painting business. We have an in-house design team who create designs for our exclusive surfaces which we hand select at the manufacturing plants overseas. We also have nationally published artists on board who provide us with exclusive designs.

Our Commitment To You

When our team couldn’t find brushes they loved at an affordable price, they met with brush manufacturers in person to carefully review and test each brush component until together they created the perfect brushes for painting with acrylics, brushes that have bounce, a sharp tip that retains its shape, and a weight that feels good in your hand. The end result was tested and retested by painters and focus groups until we felt confident that we had created the best brush on the market- Papillon by the Artist’s Club. Now we sell the end result directly to you online and through our catalog so that you can get the highest quality brush on the market at half the price.

Our Facilities and Our People 

Our distribution center is located in Columbus, Ohio at 1250 Boltonfield St, Columbus, OH 43228 in order to enable us to keep shipping costs low by shipping from the center of the country. 

Artists Club Headquarters

Management Team:

Matt Petkun, President
Carla Salazar, Vice President - Finance and Administration
Brent Matson, Director of Information Systems
Mike Wakeland, Director of Software Development
Alison Backus, Director of Knit Picks
Kara Tripp, Director of Operations
Amber Green, Manager of Customer Service

Our Manufacturing Partners

We not only have high standards for our products, we have very high standards for the International manufacturers we choose to work with. Members of our team have visited each of these factories personally to ensure that their facilities and labor practices are in line with both Artists Club’s and our customers’ expectations. If you’d like to visit our manufacturers, please e-mail or call us and we will connect you with a factory representative.

March 16, 2009