How your Shopping Cart Works

Isn't it amazing that you can put items in your Shopping Cart, leave, then come back a few days later and the items are still in your Shopping Cart?

We can "remember" your Shopping Cart via cookies (what are cookies?) When you place an item in your Shopping Cart, we place a small file on your hard drive (called a cookie) to remember what you have placed in your Shopping Cart.

This method works wonderfully if you always browse our site from the same computer. But, many people surf not just from home, but also from work, school, or the library. If you started shopping from home, but then surfed our site from work, you will notice that the items you put in your Shopping Cart at home don't show up when you are at work. This is because all of that Shopping Cart information is stored on the hard drive of your computer at home.

To make your Shopping Cart "mobile"

Be sure to log in to on both computers. If you place some items in your Shopping Cart from home, then log in (or log in and then shop), we will attach the contents of your Shopping Cart to your user record (this record contains all the information you entered when you registered with us - name, address, etc.) Then, when you are browsing our site from a different computer, just log in and the items in your "saved" Shopping Cart will be instantly available.

It doesn't matter at what point you log in to our Web site. You can add things to your Shopping Cart, log in, and we will then save the contents of your Cart. As you make changes to your Cart (by adding, modifying quantities, or deleting items) we will automatically save the changes to your customer record information. The same holds true if you come back to our site from another computer. You can start shopping, then log in. Once you log in, we can add the items you just added to cart to the "saved" Shopping Cart you had from the other computer.

Remember, unless you log in to our site, our computers don't know who you are, and won't be able to attach the contents of your Shopping Cart to your customer record.

What happens if I use more than one computer to shop, but I don't log in?
Items that you place in your Shopping Cart or Notify Me will remain on the hard drives of the computers that you use. For example, let's say you start shopping from your computer at home, but do not log in. You then go to the library, and continue browsing from there. You will not be able to access the Shopping Cart or Notify Me you created at home, because you did not log in at home. If you log in to our site while you are at the library, and then go back home and log in to our site again, we will combine your "home" Shopping Cart and Notify Me with your "library" Shopping Cart and Notify Me.

Think of logging into in the same way that you save files on a floppy disk. If you want to use a file on different computers, you save it on a floppy disk to take with you. When you log into, we save your Shopping Cart and Notify Me for you, so that you can access them anywhere you go!
January 5, 2012