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Happy Abstracts
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This book is a joyful celebration of life through color! Author Jessi Raulet shows you how to paint in her unique and inspiring style that uses bold, expressive brush strokes in a whirlwind of color to create gorgeous abstract paintings. Anyone can paint, and this style of painting is the perfect way to explore your inner artist. Even seasoned artists will find uplifting inspiration by following the projects and step-by-step photos. It's hard to resist the captivating color palettes that Jessi chooses for her paintings. She'll teach you her artistic process, including how to prepare the canvas, how she chooses her colors, her brush stroke style, and how to varnish.
The fabulous bonus of this book is in the back section where Jessi has included pullout cards with fun and inspirational quotes. Jessi encourages you to send these cards to your friends inviting them to a paint party! There is even a section in the book that shows you how to host your own party right down to the colorful foods you can include. Acrylic. 64 color pages.
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