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Great Book of Floral Patterns
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Take a guided tour with Lora S. Irish through her garden of more than 100 expertly drawn flower patterns. This nationally known artist and best-selling author will help you discover the poetic beauty and versatility of floral patterns that can be applied to a wide variety of arts and crafts.

The revised and expanded third edition of the Great Book of Floral Patterns includes stunning new reference photos and 20 new patterns. Each design features both a line drawing for easy transfer and a shaded version to illustrate depth and shadow.

From realistic flowers to stylized floral designs, Lora includes helpful suggestions on how best to identify floral shapes and colors, how to center your design, and how to create bouquets. For whatever media you prefer, there is a floral pattern here that can be easily modified to fit your needs. Drawing, 173 color pages.
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