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Books » All Books » Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy

Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy
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Forget about all those boring, old animal anatomy books that depict the same animals in the same static poses, illustrating each and every tiny muscle and bone that no one will see in the final drawing. By breaking down each animal's anatomy and comparing it to humans, best-selling author Christopher Hart takes and entirely new approach to help you draw your favorite animals, making them look realistic and fully rendered. From soft and cuddly kittens and puppies sleeping and being playful to ferocious and sneaky lions and bears hunting their prey, a wide variety of animals in all kinds of fun angles and poses are awaiting you. With clear and easy step-by-step instructions and labels guiding you along the way, tricky concepts like perspective and creating volume are quickly and painlessly solved. So get out your sketchbook and pencil and get ready to see for yourself how amazingly easy drawing animals can be. 159 color pgs.
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