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Books » DIY String Art

DIY String Art
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This addictive craft is presented in a clear and concise matter by author Jesse Drebach, who gives simple step-by-step instructions for 24 string art designs. Jesse begins by giving a brief overview of the tools and prep work needed and then dives straight into the projects. The modern, nature-inspired designs presented are perfect for beginners. Jesse provides a pattern for each project that you can use so that you don't have to draw anything yourself before beginning. You'll quickly find that what's great about string art is that even then simplest looking pattern is transformed into a modern work of art just by using nails and string. In this book you'll learn different methods of stringing from methodical to random, and see how you can use each of them to enhance your work as you grow more confident in your skills. Soon enough, your house will be turned into an art gallery and you'll be off creating your own designs! String art. 128 color pages.
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