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Cool String Art
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Author Lori Wenger laid out this awesome string art book in a straightforward and simple way so that crafters who have never tried string art before can dive right in and get started. 10 different fun and trendy projects are included that each have instructions and nail placement patterns so that you are guaranteed success. These projects vary in complexity and style so that you flip through the pages when the mood strikes and pick something that suits your mood. The more simple projects are geared towards the traditional folk artist, who values sweet and simple charm above all else and natural, curved shapes. Other projects are more trendy and focus on the stark conrast of geometric shapes and straight lines to form a larger design, or are entirely text-based. Either way, each project uses fun colors and various wrapping methods to make something truly unique and exciting. Some of the stellar projects include a whimsical pink ice cream cone, a southwest-inspired pattern that mimics textiles, a cute and simple cactus, colorful flowers, and even a clock with a fun zigzag pattern. String art. 32 color pages.
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