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Paints » DecoArt - Americana Acrylic » Bleached Sand

Americana Acrylic - Bleached Sand
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Americana acrylic paints are an artist-quality water based, non-toxic acrylic. They are intermixable and suitable for use on almost any craft surface including leather, wood, tin, ceramics, paper, plaster, fabric, drywall, poster paper, etc. Americana acrylic colors are rich and creamy for smooth and easy brush strokes and are highly pigmented and concentrated for better coverage, blending, color mixing and richer-looking color. For the decorative painter, there is a wide range of true colors suitable for color mixing as well as many pre-mixed colors in a wide spectrum of muted, soft shades. The fine artists will find they have not been neglected, as the true colors carry familiar names such as Raw Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Dioxazine Purple, etc.
Size: 2 oz. Bottle
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Selected color: Bleached Sand