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500 Acrylic Mixes
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Color is fundamental to painting, and the ability to mix and reproduce specific hues is a key skill. But color theory can be dull and complicated. With 500 Acrylic Mixes, experienced artist and teacher, Sharon Finmark, shows you that it doesn’t have to be. She offers expert guidance for creating colors perfect for every work of art. You’ll discover a variety of color-mixing techniques including palette mixing and overlaying. Inside this extensive visual sourcebook to more than 500 acrylic paint color mixes, you’ll find painting featured throughout, each accompanied by a breakdown of the colors, mixes, and techniques used to achieve the featured effect. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced artist, or simply searching for that perfect hue, this book will show you how to create color palettes you’ll love! 176 color pgs. Hardcover.
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