Books » Theme - Christmas » 100 Angels
Books » Theme - Christmas » 100 Angels

100 Angels
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The diversity and boundless creativity of decorative painting is showcased in the 100 angels pictured in this book. Featured are 100 artists' interpretations of one of four different basic angel figures. Some were inspired by personal beliefs, struggles, or triumphs. Others looked for inspiration in the natural world around them or drew upon historic or contemporary styles of decorative painting. The resulting collection
of angels represents a broad spectrum of techniques, and interpretations - each unique and special. The National Museum of Decorative Painting is proud to share this collection of 100 angels with you. Includes 2 instructional CD's with full-size designs, complete instructions, and step-by-step worksheets. So whether you paint the beautiful figures or adapt the designs to fit other surfaces, this book is a valuable source of inspiration and information. 240 color pgs, hardcover.
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